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About the Product

Durable Protective Film 7760AM

3M™ Overlaminate Label Material 7735FL, UV Resistant Acylar™, 48 in, Miscellaneous Custom Sizes

Resists Damage, Enhances Clean
3M™ Durable Protective Film 7760AM is a clear protective film with a durable hardcoat layer that protects against scratches, abrasion and chemicals. The hardcoat layer also contains an EPA-registered silver ion antimicrobial additive* to help the hardcoat resist the growth of microbes, odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew between cleanings. This film is designed to protect surfaces in high-touch areas from damage due to repeated cleaning, including damage by common cleaning chemicals such as bleach, isopropanol and hydrogen peroxide. The silver ion antimicrobial agent that protects the film is integrated into the structure of the hardcoating and will reasonably last the lifetime of the coating. This product uses 3M™ Adhesive R3500, which offers excellent UV-resistance, good initial tack and long-term adhesion with clean removability.

* This product contains an antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of microorganisms within the hardcoat.. This product does not protect users or others against bacteria, germs or other food-borne or disease-causing organisms. This product does not protect users or others against viruses including COVID-19. Always clean this product thoroughly after use. Common cleaning wipes are suggested for cleansing the surface.

Recommended Applications

  • Touch screens
  • Credit card readers
  • Door push plates


  • 2 mil protective film with adhesive for removable applications includes antimicrobial additive*
  • Clear film with a hardcoat layer that resists scratches, abrasion and chemicals
  • EPA-registered silver ion antimicrobial additive helps resist microbes, bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Resistant to various common cleaning products such as bleach, isopropanol and hydrogen peroxide
  • PET film provides robust protection with high clarity
  • Uses 3M™ Adhesive R3500: UV-resistant, good initial tack, long-term adhesion with clean removability

3M™ Durable Protective Film 7760AM is a 2 mil, high clarity PET film with a protective hardcoat layer that includes an EPA-registered antimicrobial agent*. The hardcoat provides protection against scratches, abrasion and cleaning chemicals for surfaces in high-touch environments and, in addition, inhibits most bacteria, mold and mildew on the hardcoat between cleanings.