MACtac MACal Series 600 Glass Decor Film

MACmark 600 Series Glass Decor is a line of transparent polyester films with a choice of four different patterns: Rice Paper, Small Lines, Lines and Squares. Provides window privacy and decorative accents on clear glass interiors.

Film Series 600
Facestock 1.5 mil
Type High performance translucent
Adhesive Type Permanent Acrylic
Adhesive Category Permanent Clear
Finish Frosted
Liner Clear polyester
Outdoor Durability Not recommended

MACtac 601 Glass Decor MACtac 604 Glass Decor MACtac 603 Glass Decor MACtac 602 Glass Decor
601- Rice Paper 604- Squares 603- Lines 602- Small Lines

MACtac Series 600 Glass Decor Product Bulletin-
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