FDC 2402 Series Premium Engineer Grade Reflective Film

FDC series 2402 (Avery HV1200 High Visibility Film) is a glass bead high performance engineering grade reflective that meets and or exceeds the applicable requirements of ASTM - D-4956-99 for reflectivity. This film has excellent cutting and weeding capabilities and can be used for vehicle markings, striping, flat and simple curves with corrugations and rivets. To order punched material, use part number 2452.

FDC 2402 Key Features
Film Technology Retro-reflective
Film Thickness 5.5 mil
Media Color Finish Gloss
Blockout Yes
Outdoor Durability 7 yrs
Adhesive/ Color Permanent/ Clear
Liner 90# Layflat
Conformability Flat and simple curves, rivets and corrugations
Minimum Application Temp 40 deg F

FDC 2402 Series Reflective Swatches
FDC 2402-002 FDC 2402-003 FDC 2402-008 FDC 2402-004
002- White 003- Black 008- Brown 004- Gold
FDC 2402-118 FDC 2402-006 FDC 2402-009 FDC 2402-001
118- Bright Gold 006- Yellow 009- Orange 001- Red
FDC 2402-060 FDC 2402-005 FDC 2402-017 FDC 2402-011
060- Ruby Red 005- Blue 017- Sapphire Blue 011- Green

FDC 2402/ Avery HV1200 Series Product Bulletin-
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  • FDC Series 2402 Product Bulletin