Avery 500 Calendered Film with StaFlat Liner

This is Avery's economy film in white and clear with the added stability of their StaFlat liner for screen printing. It is their ReadyCal product.

Avery 500 Promo Calendered Opaque Swatches
Avery PC-500-103-O Avery PC-500-101-O Avery PC-500-105-O Avery PC-500-190-O
PC 500-103-0 PC 500-101-O PC 500-105-O PC 500-190-O
Clear ReadyCal True White Black
Avery PC-500-208-O Avery PC-500-209-O Avery PC-500-210-O Avery PC-500-215-O
PC 500-208-O PC 500-209-O PC 500-210-O PC 500-215-O
Bright Yellow Stone Yellow Primrose Yellow Gold
Avery PC-500-220-O Avery PC-500-355-O Avery PC-500-359-O Avery PC-500-379-O
PC 500-220-O PC 500-355-O PC 500-359-O PC 500-379-O
Canary Yellow Apricot Pizazz Orange Autumn Orange
Avery PC-500-415-O Avery PC-500-420-O Avery PC-500-430-O Avery PC-500-435-O
PC 500-415-O PC 500-420-O PC 500-430-O PC 500-435-O
Medium Red Cherry Red Cardinal Red Geranium Red
Avery PC-500-475-O Avery PC-500-512-O Avery PC-500-655-O Avery PC-500-662-O
PC 500-475-O PC 500-512-O PC 500-655-O PC 500-662-O
Merlot Tropical Pink Medium Blue Azure Blue
Avery PC-500-664-O Avery PC-500-675-O Avery PC-500-683-O Avery PC-500-689-O
PC 500-664-O PC 500-675-O PC 500-683-O PC 500-689-O
Flex Blue Interstate Blue Royal Blue Mariner Blue
Avery PC-500-697-O Avery PC-500-759-O Avery PC-500-773-O Avery PC-500-774-O
PC 500-697-O PC 500-759-O PC 500-773-O PC 500-774-O
Dark Navy Blue Lime Cactus Green Mountain Green
Avery PC-500-785-O Avery PC-500-801-O    
PC 500-785-O PC 500-801-O    
Forest Green Silver    

Avery 500 Calendered Film with Staflat Liner Product Bulletin-
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  • Avery PC500 Permanent StaFlat Product Bulletin
  • Avery PC500 Permanent StaFlat Product Bulletin
  • Avery PC500 Permanent StaFlat Product Bulletin