Avery 500 Calendered Film with Kraft Liner

Avery's 500 series film has thirty colors available and is their most cost-effective high-gloss film with 6-year durability for medium-term general signage.

Avery 500 Promo Calendered Opaque Swatches
Avery PC-500-103-O Avery PC-500-101-O Avery PC-500-105-O Avery PC-500-190-O
PC 500-103-0 PC 500-101-O PC 500-105-O PC 500-190-O
Clear ReadyCal True White Black
Avery PC-500-208-O Avery PC-500-209-O Avery PC-500-210-O Avery PC-500-215-O
PC 500-208-O PC 500-209-O PC 500-210-O PC 500-215-O
Bright Yellow Stone Yellow Primrose Yellow Gold
Avery PC-500-220-O Avery PC-500-355-O Avery PC-500-359-O Avery PC-500-379-O
PC 500-220-O PC 500-355-O PC 500-359-O PC 500-379-O
Canary Yellow Apricot Pizazz Orange Autumn Orange
Avery PC-500-415-O Avery PC-500-420-O Avery PC-500-430-O Avery PC-500-435-O
PC 500-415-O PC 500-420-O PC 500-430-O PC 500-435-O
Medium Red Cherry Red Cardinal Red Geranium Red
Avery PC-500-475-O Avery PC-500-512-O Avery PC-500-655-O Avery PC-500-662-O
PC 500-475-O PC 500-512-O PC 500-655-O PC 500-662-O
Merlot Tropical Pink Medium Blue Azure Blue
Avery PC-500-664-O Avery PC-500-675-O Avery PC-500-683-O Avery PC-500-689-O
PC 500-664-O PC 500-675-O PC 500-683-O PC 500-689-O
Flex Blue Interstate Blue Royal Blue Mariner Blue
Avery PC-500-697-O Avery PC-500-759-O Avery PC-500-773-O Avery PC-500-774-O
PC 500-697-O PC 500-759-O PC 500-773-O PC 500-774-O
Dark Navy Blue Lime Cactus Green Mountain Green
Avery PC-500-785-O Avery PC-500-801-O    
PC 500-785-O PC 500-801-O    
Forest Green Silver    

Avery 500 Calendered Film Product Bulletin-
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  • Avery PC500 Kraft Liner Product Bulletin
  • Avery PC500 Kraft Liner Product Bulletin
  • Avery PC500 Kraft Liner Product Bulletin
  • Avery PC500 Kraft Liner Product Bulletin