Arlon Calon Eradicolor Flexible Substrate

Eradicolor is ideal for backlite awnings and signage with single background colors. Designs, logos and copy may be added through eradication, inlaying additional colors where desired. Now in a design for everyday signage, usage is intended where the requirement is for medium-term durability. Available in a range of popular colors, the awning and sign faces can be decorated with Calon translucent vinyl or Signtech heat transfer film, Plastiprint. 

The exposed white background, in areas of eradication, stays white as a result of high quality pigments and additives that provide resistance to UV, heat degradation, and microbial protection. The 20 x 14 high strength polyester scrim embedded in the cast PVC gives strength for easy tensioning and avoids sagging. The special combination of materials has excellent light diffusion properties to increase visibility of the graphic while hiding structural components.

Arlon Eradicolor Swatches
Arlon Eradicolor-2037 Arlon Eradicolor-2016 Arlon Eradicolor-2119 Arlon Eradicolor-2662
2037- Light Yellow 2016- Dark Yellow 2119- Orange 2662- Tomato Red
Arlon Eradicolor-2510 Arlon Eradicolor-2283 Arlon Eradicolor-2020 Arlon Eradicolor-2025
2510- Red 2283- Medium Red 2020- Burgundy 2025- Black
Arlon Eradicolor-4355 Arlon Eradicolor-2108 Arlon Eradicolor-5019 Arlon Eradicolor-4848
4355- Light Green 2108- Holly Green 5019- Teal Blue 4848- Dark Green
Arlon Eradicolor-2930 Arlon Eradicolor-3870 Arlon Eradicolor-2114  
2930- Blue 3870- Royal Blue 2114- Blue  

Arlon Eradicolor Graphic Film Product Bulletin-
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  • Arlon Eradicolor Product Bulletin
  • Arlon Eradicolor Product Bulletin