3M Scotchcal Graphic Film Series 3635
Light Management

3M Day/ Night Film 3635-91

This film has been specially formulated to produce the appearance of dark graphics during the day and white or colored graphics at night on internally illuminated signs. It has a clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive.

3M Dual- Color Film

Use this specially perforated sign film for creating the special effect of a color and/or image by day (non-backlighted) that changes to a different color or image by night when backlighted. It is available in black, white or custom colors, and can be used with 3M translucent films or screen printed.

3M Blockout Film

These films are used to control and enhance light transmission on internally illuminated signs. This film blocks light transmission when applied to internally illuminated signs and enhances a neon-type effect when used on the second surface of clear acrylic. Film 3635-20B is white on the face side; black on the back side, and film 3635-22B is black on the face side; white on the back side.

3M Diffuser Film

These films are designed for backlit applications to control light and provide special effects. Film 3635-30 is a matte gloss film, specially formulated to provide 30 percent light transmission to control light or achieve special effects on internally illuminated signs. It is thermoformable and has pressure sensitive adhesive. Film 3635-70 is the same, except with a 60 percent light transmission.

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