Avery W-9000 OmniView Series Traffic Reflective

Face Retroreflective
Adhesive Permanent
Liner Polypropylene film
Finish High gloss acrylic
Film type Prismatic
Conformability Flat and simple curves
Durability 12 years
Conversion methods Screen Printing, Solvent Based Inkjet Printing, Mild/Eco Solvent Inkjet Printing, UV Inkjet Printing, Thermal Die-Cut, Flat Bed Sign-Cut, Drum Roller Sign-Cut, Steel Rule Sign-Cut

Avery Dennison W-9000 OmniView  Series is a premium prismatic sheeting designed to provide superior short, medium, and long distance reflectivity. The W-9000 OmniView Series is constructed with safety enhancing multi-oriented microprisms designed to provide uniform light return regardless of material or sign orientation. It also offers brighter day and nighttime colors. With a 12-year outdoor durability, OmniView W-9000 is the ideal choice for all permanent traffic sign applications in urban and rural areas.  It is also an excellent product for highway departments turning off lights on overhead signs to save on energy and maintenance costs without sacrificing nighttime visibility.  With OmniView W-9000, plotter-cut border, and legends can be efficiently nested during fabrication, making it more cost-effective choice. It exceeds the new FHWA minimum reflectivity requirements and those of ASTM D4956 for Type IX.



Avery W-9000 Reflective Product Bulletin-
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