Avery V-9700 Series Conspicuity Reflective

Face Retroreflective
Adhesive Permanent with initial repositionability
Liner Polymeric film
Conformability Flat and simple curves
Durability 7 years

Avery Dennison V-9700 Series Conspicuity Tape is designed for school buses, farm vehicles, and heavy equipment for easy nighttime vehicle recognition and increased road safety.  It is a high quality, durable, microprismatic retroreflective material with a pressure sensitive adhesive.  The single layered construction does not require edge sealing.

Avery Dennison V-9700 Series Conspicuity Tape meets a wide variety of applicable industry standards such as FMVSS, ASTM, and ANSI/ASAE.  It is available in white, yellow, and red.  V-9700 Series has superior reflectivity and may help reduce accidents, prevent injuries, and can decrease related costs such as repairs, insurance expenses, and fees.



Avery V-9700 Reflective Product Bulletin-
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