Avery V-5720-5 Series Conspicuity Tape Reflective

Face Retroreflective acrylic with microprisms
Adhesive Permanent with initial repositionability
Liner Polymeric film
Conformability Flat and simple curves
Durability 5 years

Avery Dennison V-5720 Series Conspicuity Tape is designed for trucks, trailers, and other vehicles for easy night-time vehicle recognition and increased road safety.  It is a high quality, durable, microprismatic retroreflective material with a pressure sensitive adhesive.   The single layer construction does not require edge sealing.

Many accidents are avoidable if the driver of the other vehicle had only been able to detect the truck.  Reflective contour markings on trucks make detection easy, giving drivers time to see a vehicle, react, and avoid a collision. In fact, NHTSA studies demonstrate 41 percent reduction in side and rear trailer impact when using conspicuity tape.  

Avery Dennison V-5720 Series Conspicuity Tape provides superior reflectivity and may help reduce accidents, prevent injuries and can decrease related costs such as repairs, insurance expenses and fees.



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