Avery Reflectives

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Product Reflective Type Reflective Category Description
T-11500 OmniCube Prismatic Sheeting Traffic Reflective Full-cube reflective sheeting
T-9500 OmniView Prismatic grade reflective sheeting
T-7500 MVP Prismatic grade reflective sheeting
T-6500 High Intensity High intensity prismatic reflective sheeting
T-1100/ T-1500 Engineer Grade Glass Bead Sheeting Enclosed lens retroreflective sheeting
T-5500 High Intensity Enclosed lens retroreflective sheeting
M-0500 Commercial Grade Enclosed lens pressure sensitive retroflective material
T-6500D for Matan Printers Digital Imaging Materials High intensity prismatic reflective
T-1500D for Matan Printers Enclosed lens retroreflective sheeting
4500 Metallized Prismatic Delineator Marking Media Metallized grade reflective sheeting
W-11000 Omnicube Prismatic Sheeting Work Zone Reflective Prismatic grade construction work zone retroreflective sheeting
W-9000 OmniView Premium prismatic grade work zone retroreflective sheeting
W-7000 OmniView Prismatic grade construction work zone retroreflective sheeting
W-6000 High Intensity High intensity prismatic pressure sensitive retroreflective material
W-5000 High Intensity Glass Bead Sheeting Encapsulated lens material with a pressure sensitive adhesive
W-1000 Engineer Grade Beaded engineering grade retroreflective film
V-5720-5 Truck and Trailer Conspicuity Tape Conspicuity and Fleet Reflective 5 year red/white stripe tape
V-5720-10 10 year red/white stripe tape
V-9700 Bus and Slow Vehicle Conspicuity Tape Conspicuity reflective tape for school buses, farm vehicles, and heavy equipment
V-9700-RR Rail Car Delineator Tape Conspicuity reflective tape for railcar delineation
S-9700 Delineator Marking Media Roadside and conspicuity markings
4500 Metallized Prismatic Prismatic Sheeting Metallized grade reflective sheeting
6600 Translucent Prismatic Sheeting Backlit Prismatic translucent retroreflective material
S-9000 OmniBright Flexible Prismatic Tape Personal Safety Flexible microprismatic material
OL-1000 Anti-Graffiti Overlaminate Film Overlaminate Film Anti-graffiti overlay film
OL-2000 Transparent Overlay Transparent overlay film for computer plotter cutters
HV 1200 High Visibility High Visibility Vinyl Reflective Vinyl High performance glass bead reflective vinyl
HV 1100 High Visibility Cost-effective intermediate glass bead reflective vinyl