3M Scotchlite Reflective Graphic Film 680

This enclosed-lens, retroreflective film is intended for making permanent, durable graphics. Applications include multicolor commercial vehicle graphics, railroad graphics, commercial signs and striping. Graphics subjected to fuel vapors or occasional spills can also be made with this film, and it is ideal for large graphics and graphics applied to corrugated substrates. This flexible film has excellent angularity, retains 90 percent of its retroreflectivity when totally wet, and resists cracking in cold climates. Graphics made with this film have a similar daytime and nighttime appearance, and film 680-85 has a black daytime appearance but reflects white at night.

The combined thickness of the film and its adhesive is .007 to .008 inch. The adhesive is positionable and pressure-activated, which allows it to be repositioned during installation until pressure is applied to the film's surface. The adhesive is clear with silver underneath. The film has a 94 pound, polyethylene-coated paper liner. It applies best to flat, flat with rivets, moderate compound curves, or corrugated surfaces. Recommended substrates include aluminum, FRP and paint. This is not a removable product. Heat helps take off the top layer, but removing the adhesive requires a solvent-based remover.

Quick Reference 3M 680 Reflective
Thickness 7-8 mils
Adhesive Type Pressure- activated, positionable
Adhesive Color Clear, with silver underneath
Liner Polyethylene- coated paper
Removal Permanent
Lifespan 5-7 years
Temperature Range -30 to 200 F
Surface Types Moderate curves and rivets
Applications Commercial vehicle graphics, commercial signage

3M 680 Swatchcard - Click Here
680-64 680-10 680-85 680-82
680-64 Gold 680-10 White 680-85 Black 680-82 Ruby Red
680-72 680-14 680-71 680-81
680-72 Red 680-14 Orange 680-71 Yellow 680-81 Lemon Yellow
680-77 680-76 680-75  
680-77 Green 680-76 Light Blue 680-75 Blue  

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