Graphtec FC4200 Cutting Plotter


The FC4200 Series are tabletop or floor standing intermediate-format flatbed cutting plotters capable of processing various material with accuracy compliant to most industry requirements for pattern making.  With a maximum cutting force of 600g, the FC4200 series provides economical solutions for cutting thick, hard materials that cannot be processed with a friction-feed cutting plotter.  All models include Graphtec's Automatic Registration Mark Sensor, for all kinds of print and cut applications. The 4210-60 is ideal for cutting sheet printed graphics for stickers, labels, domed labels,etc.

The FC4200 Series is the ideal table/bench-top cutting plotter for high-precision and medium-heavy material crafting jobs and is suitable for cutting intricate designs on vinyl, photo-masking films, foam material, cardboard, oil board, and sandblast resist rubber.  With its capability to hold both a cutting blade and a plotting pen simultaneously, the FC4200 allows garment/shoe pattern designers to mark and cut the material without manually replacing the marking/cutting tools.  The FC4200 has a standard registration mark detection sensor, enabling quick and easy realignment of separately imaged material for die cutting.

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Graphtec FC4200 Product Bulletin-
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