Arlon DPF 4300 Intermediate Digital Film

DPF 4300 Multi-Purpose Film- Intermediate Calendered White Multi-Purpose Removable Film

Arlon DPF 4300 is a 3.4-mil (86 micron) opaque matte white calendered film with removable adhesive. The film is a multi-purpose clean removable film for an easy on & easy off application. It offers flexibility as well as high opacity for covering previous graphics up to three layers applied within six months or less. DPF 4300 also provides good resistance to scuffing, tearing, and abrasion to help protect your graphics. The adhesive allows clean removability on a variety of substrates such as painted metal and plastics for one year. DPF 4300 is rated for outdoor durability up to 4 years (unprinted). Printed durability is dependent on the ink system used.

Applications & Features:

Arlon DPF 4300 Film Product Bulletin-
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