Arlon DPF 310 Frontlit Banner Film

DPF 310 Banner- Digital Print Scrim PVC Banner

Arlon DPF 310
is an economical, frontlit 10-oz white, scrim PVC banner. Available in matte and high gloss, both finishes are smooth and yield high print resolution and image quality. It is a light weight multipurpose banner – suitable for digital printing and adhesive-backed vinyl application. Furthermore, the banner features a fire resistant coating that passes the NFPA 701 fire resistant certification test. Use DPF 310 for a wide range of indoor banner applications. DPF 310 is rated for outdoor durability up to 1 year (unprinted). Printed durability is dependent on the ink system used.

Applications & Features:

Arlon DPF 310 Banner Film Product Bulletin-
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