3M Scotchprint Wrap Film Series 1080

Refuse to be ordinary. Refuse to blend in. 3M™ Scotchprint® Wrap Film Series 1080 is a distinctive way to make you—and your car—stand out in the crowd. Choose from a variety of finishes, textures and colors that offer a unique, head-turning look.

For more information on 3M 1080, or to place an order, please call us at 1-800-223-5995.

3M 1080 now also comes in 5 brand new brushed metal finishes, for an even more distinctive look.

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3M Scotchprint Wrap Film 1080 Swatches-
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3M 1080-G203 3M 1080-G83 3M 1080-G13 3M 1080-G103
1080-G203 1080-G83 1080-G13 1080-103
Gloss Red Metallic Gloss Dark Red Gloss Hot Rod Red Gloss Hot Pink
3M 1080-G14 3M 1080-G54 3M 1080-G25 3M 1080-G15
1080-G14 1080-G54 1080-G25 1080-G15
Gloss Burnt Orange Gloss Bright Orange Gloss Sunflower Gloss Bright Yellow
3M 1080-G46 3M 1080-G47 3M 1080-G77 3M 1080-G79
1080-G46 1080-G47 1080-G77 1080-G79
Gloss Kelly Green Gloss Intense Blue Gloss Sky Blue Gloss Light Ivory
3M 1080-G10 3M 1080-G227 3M 1080-G241 3M 1080-G120
1080-G10 1080-G227 1080-G241 1080-G120
Gloss White Gloss Blue Metallic Gloss Gold Metallic Gloss White Aluminum
3M 1080-G251 3M 1080-G201 3M 1080-G212 3M 1080-CF10
1080-G251 1080-G201 1080-G212 1080-CF10
Gloss Sterling Silver Gloss Anthracite Gloss Black Metallic Carbon Fiber White
3M 1080-CF201 3M 1080-CF12 3M 1080-BR120 3M 1080-BR230
1080-CF201 1080-CF12 1080-BR120 1080-BR230
Carbon Fiber Anthracite Carbon Fiber Black Brushed Aluminum Brushed Titanium
3M 1080-BR201 3M 1080-BR212 3M 1080-BR241 3M 1080-BR217
1080-BR201 1080-BR212 1080-BR241 1080-BR217
Brushed Steel Brushed Black Metallic Brushed Gold Brushed Blue Steel
3M 1080-M103 3M 1080-M227 3M 1080-M54 3M 1080-M26
1080-M103 1080-M227 1080-M54 1080-M26;
Matte Pink Matte Blue Metallic Matte Orange Matte Military Green
3M 1080-M10 3M 1080-M230 3M 1080-M21 3M 1080-M261
1080-M10 1080-M230 1080-M21 1080-M261
Matte White Matte Gray Aluminum Matte Silver Matte Dark Gray
3M 1080-M12 3M 1080-S12    
1080-M12 1080-S12    
Matte Black Satin Black    

3M 1080 Product Brochure and Product Bulletin
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