3M X-Series Tapes

3M X-Series Industrial Attachment Tapes are manufactured in the United States by 3M to exacting quality standards. The X-Series Tapes System helps make selecting the right tape for the application easier, the tapes come in a range of adhesive transfer and double coated tapes designed for the light industrial manufacturer.

3M X-Series Tapes
X-Series General Purpose XG2105
X-Series General Purpose XG5110
X-Series General Purpose XR6110
X-Series Transfer Tape XP2112
X-Series Double Coated XR4115
X-Series Double Coated XR4123
X-Series Double Coated XR8115
X-Series Double Coated XR8123
X-Series Hi-Tack Transfer XT2105
X-Series Hi-Tack Transfer XT2112
X-Series Hi-Tack Double Coated XT6110