3M Vinyl Tapes

Tough, long-lasting 3M Vinyl Tapes resist wear, weathering and abrasion. Combining vinyl backings and rubber adhesives, they’re ideal for marking lanes, indicating safety hazards and color coding in factories, warehouses, parking lots and much more.

3M Vinyl Tapes
3M Electroplating Tape 470 3M Safety Stripe Tape 5700
3M Electroplating/ Anodizing Tape 484 3M Safety Stripe Tape 5702
3M General Purpose Vinyl Tape 764 3M Vinyl Tape 471
3M Hazard Warning Tape 766 3M Vinyl Tape 471+
3M Hazard Warning Tape 767 3M Vinyl Tape 472
3M Polyethylene Tape 480 3M Vinyl Tape 477
3M Polyethylene Tape 483