3M Urethane Adhesives and Sealants

Fast setting, flexible, strong products that can be used as adhesives or sealants depending on your application. Choose from 12 formulations depending on the speed, flexibility, work life and strength to meet your application needs.

3M Utrethane Adhesive
Product Color Viscosity Work Life Handling Time Cure Time
DP-640 Brown Non-sag 40 min 8 hrs 7 days
DP-620 NS Black Non-sag 20 min 4 hrs 48 hrs
DP-608 Black Non-sag 8 min 9 min 24 hrs
DP-605 NS Off-White Non-sag 5 min 20 min 48 hrs
DP-604 NS Black Non-sag 4 min 30 min 6 hrs
DP-601 Gray Self-leveling 70 sec 5 min 1 hr
DP-601 NS Gray Non-sag 50 sec 4 min 1hr
DP-900 Beige N/A 15 sec 35 sec 15 min
DP-5001 Black Self-leveling 1 min 15 min 12 hrs
DP-5003 Black Non-sag 3 min 60 min 24 hrs
DP-5005 Gray, Black, Beige Self-leveling 5 min 9 hrs 24 hrs
DP-5006 Gray Self-leveling 6 min 40 min 24 hrs
540 White, Black, Gray Non-sag 90 min 4 to 6 hrs 24 hrs
560 White, Black, Gray Non-sag 50 min 4 to 6 hrs 24 hrs

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