3M Industrial Adhesive Cleaners and Lubricants

3M Industrial Adhesives Cleaners and Lubricants are a diverse portfolio of multi-purpose industrial grade maintenance products available in pre-pressurized and bulk packaging systems. Applications include adhesive removal, surface cleaning, surface protection, penetration, lubrication, and water displacement. These products are used on a variety of surfaces such as metals, woods, and plastics, and suitable for all industrial markets.

3M Cleaners 3M Lubricants
3M Adhesive Remover Renew 3M Silicone Lubricant
3M Adhesive Remover Low VOC 20% 3M 5-Way Penetrant
3M Citrus Base Cleaner 3M Silicone Spray Low VOC 60%
3M Adhesive Remover 6041
3M Adhesive Remover 6040  
3M Sticker & Marker Remover 6042  
3M Scotch-Weld Solvent 2